The 5 major causes of failure in leadership

The 5 major causes of failure in leadership

The 5 major causes of failure in leadership. Leadership is important to any organization or any concerted effort to accomplish a particular goal. When you are placed in a position where you are that leader, there is one thing that you have in mind and that is the result. Being a good leader requires you to get the desired result.

Here a five major causes that will prevent you from getting the results you desire.

1. Inability to Organize Details. To be a leader that gets results, you must be able to first recognize the details that go into getting the result you desire. Second you must be able to organize those details into a coherent plan that your team can follow. You must be a master of what details are required for success. You must be able not only to organize the details but to delegate them to capable people on your team. The ability to make changes to that organized plan when needed, is also important. This requires a constant review of and knowledge of where you are in the implementation of that plan.

The 5 major causes of failure in leadership

2. Fear of competition from followers. It has never ceased to amaze me that in organization after organization that I have been a part of there are leaders who seem to be fearful that a member will take their place. Every successful leader must have the ability to transform others into leaders. On a lot of occasions the leader has the experience. This experience many times is the reason a person is placed into a leadership role. The followers need to be given the benefit of that experience by being educated regarding the essential activities necessary to accomplish the goal. When this happens the leader is able to duplicate himself/herself. Leaders are paid to get people to perform period.

3. Lack of imagination. A leader must have foresight and creativity. These characteristics enable the leader to be a better planner. Thinking outside of the box is nothing more than the ability to access what’s needed and to determine how to get that job done. Without imagination, a leader is incapable of dealing with unexpected emergencies, or creating that plan which moves everything forward.

The 5 major causes of failure in leadership
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The 5 major causes of failure in leadership

4. Selfishness. A leader cannot place himself in a position where he/she takes all of the credit for the group’s accomplishments. The leader has to recognize that his team is the reason for the ultimate success. If they had not been able to follow the instructions and to execute the plan with effectiveness then the result would not have been the desired one. A good leader must also recognize members of his team when they come up with a suggestion that adds to the plan. A leader must be prepared to point out this person’s contribution to the overall plan. This should be pointed out to the other team mates and to other leaders. This will instill in his team a sense of reward for taking initiative and will make the team better overall.

5. Disloyalty.  Lack of loyalty is a key factor in not only failure of leadership but in life situations in general. No one wants to engage with someone that they feel is disloyal. As a leader you must be able to stand behind someone on your team. Especially, when they have taken action that follows the plan. The followers are more likely to carry out the decisions and instructions of the leader when they are aware the leader will back them up. As a leader you must always be prepared to represent the interest of a team mate when their actions are questioned. Especially by another leader in the group. You must be prepared to engage the questions, speak out for the team mate and then to correct any errors in private.

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How to provide leadership to a staff

How to provide leadership to a staff

The greatest sins of a successful person 

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person.  This is a guest post by author Melisa Marzett. There is a huge difference between a leader and a boss. The boss is a person who is intends to control you. Unlike the boss, the leader wants to teach you, to give you a hand if you faced certain difficulties. As a rule, such a person is a live example for all the employees. However, a huge amount of work must be done to reach this height. This essay is intended to help entrepreneurs and businessmen to find a direction to develop leadership qualities, improve communication with a staff and acquire basic qualities of a good businessman.

  • All the demons are hidden inside and one of them is our inability to pull ourselves together and start working. This is a common “sin” of any person and due to its influence, one can’t succeed. There is only one common feature in the biographies of all the famous people, they worked and worked hard to achieve what they currently have. Having chosen a direction (it can be custom writing, business, marketing, web design etc.) build up a plan for further development. What you should do, learn or master to get the desired job or to earn the necessary amount of money to start your own business.

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • The time is your closest friend and the most dangerous enemy. People usually say:” I wish I had more time” and it is not surprising since they’re just unable to control it. Our memory is a complex system but unfortunately, it sometimes fails us. As a result, you might be late for an important meeting, forget your tasks on the issue of the day etc. There is a small but nevertheless simple solution to this problem. As far as you might have guessed. It is a schedule of the day. This one should include all your objectives and goals for today with all the information necessary not to be late such as time of the meeting, specific details and so on.
How to provide leadership to a staff
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How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • In the previous part of this essay, it was mentioned that a single direction should be selected. This approach also demands a deep research. Obviously, the internet is filled with books on the topics that might be interesting and useful for you and your future or current work. There is no need to take for granted every word. Even if only five pages are related to your direction, this book is worth reading.
  • It is impossible to talk about success without mentioning our mindset. If you predetermined your defeat, it will happen since one will be convinced of doing nothing because a goal seems unobtainable. This is a huge mistake because according to my experience most of the people failed due to this negative attitude. That’s why it is crucial to keep a positive state of mind and trying to reach a goal by any means.
  • Forget about multitasking, it only decreases your effectiveness. Due to this so-called method, you can’t be focused on a single task. You probably heard an expression: “Jack is a master of everything, but a master of nothing”. It is a reasonable statement since our brain is not capable of receiving information from various sources simultaneously.

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • Evaluate the work done and make a gap analysis. This is a winning strategy for any businessman to realize your mistakes and try to eliminate them. There are no flawless people, that’s why each of us should do our best to become smarter, more skillful and laborious.
  • The last but not the least recommendation is get proper rest. There is no need to be die because of exhaustion. The body and the mind should have a proper rest to function on a sufficient level.

It is rather difficult to be a true mentor since each of us in on the stage of continuous growing but there are a couple of corporate tricks to create a warmer atmosphere among your colleagues.

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • Every employee can have a couple of interesting ideas that may be helpful. Conduct interrogations or brainstorm sessions to share fresh ideas for a proper reward.
  • The personal space is extremely necessary for the convenience of all the workers. That’s why any leader should do his or her best to provide it.
  • The fear is not equal to respect. Threatening is not a good approach to have good relationships between you and employees. Do not try to control or follow step-by-step since any person is most likely to be irritated by such actions and rapidly quit.
  • Any decision should be carefully discussed with all the subordinates and all the opinions should be carefully considered.
  • Pointless assignments only exacerbate an authority and also more important tasks will be disregarded or be considered meaningless as well. This is a widespread mistake of all new businessmen since most of them are convinced that they subordinates don’t work.

These are the key components that you can use to provide leadership to your staff.

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About the author:  Melisa Marzett is an expert in the field of marketing and business. Sometimes she shared her experience with newcomers so they could avoid all the common mistakes of the future dictator. She also writes on a great variety of topics but these ones are the most favorite ones. Melisa works as a freelance writer on Big Paper Writer to apply her knowledge as well. It might be helpful for those who are in need of professional writing service.

3 Steps to becoming a better leader

3 Steps to becoming a better leader

3 Steps to becoming a better leader. In everything you do being a leader is an important step to success. There are times when you will need to follow and be coachable. However, you need to be able to take the lead when necessary.

This post discusses three steps you can take to become a better leader. The first step is to believe in your self as a leader. The second step is learning from your mistakes. Finally, the third step is to be willing to be hands on and assist those that you are leading.

The first step believing in your self as a leader has to do with your mindset. Your self mage is an important factor in this equation. You have to be self confident. One way to be more confident is to improve your personal skills. When you believe that you are well prepared, it improves your self image.  Also, take on small projects and get those accomplished. This will allow you to measure your success. It will also foster a self belief that you can get things accomplished. All of these factors serve to improve your self image and increase your belief in your ability to lead.

3 Steps to becoming a better leader

3 Steps to becoming a better leader

The second step is to learn from your mistakes. More importantly is the concept that no set back is a failure. Further, you can learn something from all activity. Engage in an honest evaluation of everything you do. There is always room for improvement. Additionally, by taking note and having a self check in on all important activities, your outcomes will be better and your process will become more efficient. This improves your leadership skills because you gain the benefit of experience. Your experience will help you to lead. You will always be able to present a better, more efficient plan to reach an outcome.

Finally, the third and final step is to be willing to be hands on and assist those persons that you are leading. In other words, don’t just give orders. Sometimes you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and assist with the effort. At other times, you may need to model what your expectations are. There are two things that you can gain as a leader by doing this. One, you demonstrate to those that follow you, that you are not the type of leader that would ask someone to do a task that you would not be willing to do yourself. By demonstrating what you want done, you are ensuring that there is clarity. The best leaders are clear on their expectations. This allows people to follow you more effectively. (See the seven steps to setting clear expectations)

In conclusion, being a good leader is important to accomplishing a task. There is always room for improvement in your leadership style. These are just three ideas that you can use to be a more effective leader. Put these ideas into practice and your leadership style will immediately improve. (see this previous post for additional information The major attributes of leadership .)

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