How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign

How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign

How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign. This blog post is part 2 of the previous article “The Hero’s Journey is the Structure for all Successful Stories” The Hero’s Journey is the format for all epic novels and epic Hollywood movies. This article will show how it can also be the structure of a successful email campaign.

Just to remind you this is the structure of the Hero’s Journey:

  • Call to Action
  • Refusal of the Call
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • tests, allies and enemies
  • crosses the threshold
  • Approach to the inmost cave
  • ordeal
  • reward
  • the road back
  • resurrection
  • returns with the elixir

This is the beginning of our discussion regarding how to take this successful formula and use it to make your email campaigns a success. This means to turn your emails into conversions. This means money.

How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign

How can the Hero’s Journey assist you in your email campaigns? First of all a story is the most effective way to get the reader to identify with the events in the story. The reader puts himself in the place of the character. As things happen in the story, the reader imagines these things happening to him.

This means that your email campaign will not be a list of your product’s features and what is has to offer. Your emails will consist of a story that has a hero (the reader), that faces the pain that the product solves. This increases the reader’s desire to make a purchase as an effort to relieve this pain.

This requires you to have knowledge of the pains that face your target audience and to be able to effectively communicate how your product relieves the pain. The Hero’s Journey is the structure to communicate this message.

How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign

The pain becomes the call to action. This is the hero becoming aware of the pain. The need for relief. It could be a stain on his clothes, more leads, no sales or conversions. There is a problem that directly effects the hero, your reader.

The next phase is the refusal of the call. The reader has doubts, he knows that stain is tough to remove, there is no way he can get leads, or make sales. to resolve these pains it takes work or skills that the reader simply knows that he can’t handle alone. The hero is at the point of giving up.

Then the hero meets the mentor. The tidy bowl man, Mr. Clean, or you the marketing guru all of whom offer the solution. These mentors can also be compared to the “attractive character.” (this is for another blog post). The mentor provides the object, the cleanser, the special glue, the system or process. These items or advice can if used correctly, relieve the pain.

How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign

On the road to relief there are the tests, allies and enemies. In other words, there are obstacles standing in the way. Tough stains, customers lack of interest, other gurus or competitors who are after the same goal. The challenges must be overcome step by step by using the object or system.

The ordeal discusses the hero as he puts the object or system to use. He follows the process and then receives the reward. The hero removes the stain, gets the leads, converts sales.

This leads to the road back, because the hero now has a solution to his pain. Everyone around the hero is relieved, the family is happy, the customers are served and the money is made.

Finally, the hero (reader/customer) returns with the elixir. This means the hero has now mastered the pain by learning that this product is the stain killer or that the skill learned by the system will always produce leads or sales. Consequently, by using the product or system the hero’s life will never be the same.

How to use the hero’s journey in your email campaign

Your email campaign will tell this story in a series. The character is introduced in the first email. The reader will identify with the hero’s story. The next email will introduce the hero’s dilemma which means what is the problem faced. The next of the series will introduce the product etc. Like all things that entrepreneurs have to do, you will have to learn the most effective use of your emails. This means how many emails should you use in a given situation.

In conclusion, this article is written to make you aware of the Hero’s Journey and the possibility of its use for your purpose. I encourage you to do more research on this topic.

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