The best thing that God gave us is vision and imagination. With it we can imagine our goals and where we want to be. Take a quiet corner, close your eyes and imagine the things you want out of life. Take 15 minutes and afterwards write down what came to mind. Later review this list and when you review it add more detail. Review the list daily taking time to imagine yourself living the things that you want. After a while you will see that the universe is slowly bringing you everything on your list.




gratitude is an important part of the Law of Attraction. In order for the universe to bring you the things you desire, you have to demonstrate that you are grateful for what you already have. Each morning you should give careful thought to the things that are in your life that you are grateful for. Make a list of these things. After you make your list, then say out loud  “these are the things I am grateful for” and then begin to say your list out loud. The next morning review your list and add anything new that you want to include. Then read your list out loud again. Remember first to say “these are the things I am grateful for.” Developing this as a daily habit places you on the path to the true practice of using the Law of Attraction to work for you. 

Law of Attraction 

Have you ever considered that the universe is your key to all you desire. Well a consistent mindset focused on success and the things you desire will cause the universe to bring you everything you want. Make a list of everything you desire and concentrate on it every day for about 15 minutes. Sit in a comfortable setting and Visualize the things on your list. The universe will be called to action on your behalf and bring you everything you want. 


I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog and say now is the time to create a truly rich life. Look out for exciting posts that will ensure that as we go along everyone tuned in will slowly began to prosper. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Darryl Smith
Create a Truly Rich Life.