Persistence 2

Persistence pays off, that’s what we have always been told. Have you ever heard the story about the person that digs for the gold but stops digging. If they had only persisted and dug for about 1 more minute, they would have found a large pot of gold. Persistence in anything you do pays off. Every person that finds success is persistent. You cannot do something for two weeks and then stop for two weeks and then start again. You will not be successful that way. Everyone that has managed to build a large email list, started with one email subscriber. Everyone that has a successful blog, started with one subscriber. If you are persistent sooner or later more and more people will take note of what you are doing. If you keep publishing your blog more and more people will began to take note of it. If however, they look for it one day and it is not there, then you will lose followers instead of gaining them. The universe likewise moves in that manner. If the universe sees that you are persistent in something that you are trying to become successful in doing, then the universe will begin to take your actions seriously and will begin to assist you in your accomplishments. Just think of the many times you have heard someone that is a huge success say that they were a failure many times before they became successful. The one thing these people all had in common was persistence. So keep up what you are doing to be successful and sooner or later with the help of the all powerful universe, you will be a success. Your persistence will pay off.


Are you great? How do you view yourself? To think great is to be great. You have to view yourself in a manner that will change your attitude to one that you will expect greatness from yourself. Make a list of the things that make you great. This would include your accomplishments, things you are grateful for and proud of. Your goals and objectives that will add to your greatness. Study the list and let it soak in just how great and amazing you are. When you began to review this list daily, you will begin to realize in your mind how great you are. When you have this realization you will begin to do things differently and with a different expectation. Your results will be better and your greatness will shine brighter and brighter.


Are you focused on the beauty of the day? Sometimes during a day we are focused on our “to do” list and any problems and issues that we need to resolve. This causes our day to be filled with problems and anxiety. Our every step brings along life’s problems and our “to do” list.” Instead we should recognize that these things do exist but focus our attention on peace and calm. Focus on our positive affirmations and our goals. Start the day by writing down the actions that you will complete today to accomplish or to move closer to your goals. Take time to see the beauty of your situation and to focus on the things that you are grateful for. In other words find ways to bring positive into your life on a daily basis and learn how to focus on it. Keep your focus there and your life will not only remain fantastic but the universe will also focus on the positive and assist you with your goals on a daily basis.

Encourage Your Day

When you wake up in the morning encourage your day. Tell yourself that this is going to be your best morning ever. Explain to yourself the reasons why its going to be so great. Follow up while you are preparing to start your day by continually encouraging yourself. Recite your affirmations constantly. Be excited to begin. If there are meetings or a special event scheduled for the day, tell yourself that it will be the best meeting ever. See yourself in the meeting and after the meeting with a feeling of joy and accomplishment at how well the meeting went. Tell your self right up until the meeting begins that you are looking forward to this great meeting and the great outcome where you will get every thing on your agenda accomplished. Follow up with winding up your day. Think about how excited you will be at the day’s end when you look back on it and think about how it was your best day ever. Enjoy life and encourage your day every day. Keep success feelings on your mind and you will always be happy and successful.