3 keys to achieving success

3 keys to achieving success

3 keys to achieving success. Everyone wants to achieve success in all endeavors. Whether these activities occur in their personal lives or in business, we can always assume that every person wants a favorable  result.

There are three keys to achieving that success. Anyone that follows this blueprint will find consistent results. The three keys are:

  • Studying the activity
  • taking action based on research
  • copying someone with proven success

3 keys to achieving success

The first key is to study the activity you are trying to achieve. In order to achieve success you have to be a student of the game. You have to understand the rules. What are the dos and dont’s. This ensures that you know the framework that you operating in.

If you are in a networking business or multi level marketing business you need to know the compensation plan. This allows you to know exactly how you get paid. This is important for any activity you are involved in that involves compensation. You need to know what are the income producing activities involved.

You also need to be aware of the rules so that you do not violate any of them. For example, if you are involved in a competition or a contest, what are the rules that you must operate under. If you are in a business what are the governing rules that limit your activities. A violation of the rules could mean that you face sanctions. These sanctions could include going so far as to exclude you from participating in the competition or causing you to lose a business license. You do not want to be prevented from participating in any activity that you are trying to achieve success.

3 keys to achieving success

Likewise, by studying the game, you should know what skill sets are needed. You will also understand the consequences for taking a particular action. Moreover, you will know why you are taking a certain action.

In other words, if there is a certain system that is followed, you want to know what that system is. If there is a system involved, you should be intricately familiar with how the systems works. Moreover you need to become an expert at ensuring that you and everyone else involved in the activity on your behalf has a similar understanding of it.

3 keys to achieving success
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The second key is applying what you know about the activity. There are several people who spend time constantly learning and gathering information about their activity of interest. This is a great strategy for success and is the first key. However, on many occasions these people never apply what they have learned. They never take action.

We can all agree that if you have the fastest car in the world and you were in a car race, you would not win unless you turned the car on and put your foot on the gas. Well it is the same with any activity that you are trying to get a favorable result.

You have to create a game plan. You have to then take that game plan and break it down into activities. When you know what activities are needed, then you prioritize them. Finally, began to execute your plan.

3 keys to achieving success

It is important that each activity be capable of measuring. What I mean is that you must have the opportunity to determine whether each activity you are taking is effective. That only comes through measuring the results.

For example, if your plan is to talk to ten people, from how many people did you get the result your were seeking. As you begin to see a pattern, than you can determine if your activity needs to be changed or any corrections might be necessary. For example, if you talk to ten people and on average you get the result you want from two, then you will know how many people you need to talk to get the amount of people you need.

The final key is to determine if there are some experts who have already established success in your area. This is important because you want to become familiar with the common activities that will ensure you the same success as the expert.

I realize that you may not always have access to the expert personally, however there are other ways to get the information. First, does the expert have a platform available. This could include a website, a blog or a YouTube video. Is there any biography or autobiography that outlines the methods used by the expert. Is there any coaching group or one on one coaching available.

The key is to determine who has the success you want and to copy it. As you gain experience through taking action, you will be able to see which of the things that worked for others will work best for you. Those are the 3 keys to achieving success. Incorporate these methods into your day to day routine and you will be ensured better success in the future.

3 keys to achieving success

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3 qualities that can make you a super achiever

3 qualities that can make you a super achiever

3 qualities that can make you a super achiever. Everyone wants to achieve their goals. There is a desire to be successful and to reach and maintain a certain status. Some of us just have simple goals and a simple lifestyle that they desire out of life.

No matter what your desire may be whether it is something simple like fishing every day to being the CEO of a super company; you sill have to achieve certain goals. There are certain common characteristics that everyone should possess. This is true for the simple goals or the goals that require high achievement.

This post examines three main qualities that you should possess to become a super achiever. The super achiever status will ensure that you are able to put yourself in the position to accomplish what you want out of life.

Becoming a super achiever will allow you to set your goals higher and higher. It will give you the confidence to select goals that just the thought of accomplishing them excites you.

So we thought this topic would be a great one to assist our readers in accomplishing their goals and establishing the mindset necessary to achieve.

3 qualities that can make you a super achiever
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The three qualities we will discuss are listening and remaining open, dedication to vision and persistence. A great article which outlines these principals and several more is How To Be A Super-Achiever: The 10 Qualities That Matter.

3 qualities that can make you a super achiever

Dedication to vision is a necessary characteristic to have. Everyone needs a vision. A vision will help you determine where you are going in life. It is a blueprint that highlights your principles and sharpens your focus. This vision is helpful because it is the starting point that you focus on when you began to plan or determine what new ideas you would like to implement. A clear vision is necessary. It helps to guide you in making your determination what goals you want to accomplish and what goals get priority. This article Craft an Inspiring Personal Vision for Your Life RIGHT NOW can assist you in shaping your vision.

Listening and remaining open is a key to becoming a super achiever. A closed minded person is no good to himself or others. You have to be open to fresh ideas in order to be innovative. Innovation is necessary to keep a fresh perspective and accomplish the right goals. New ideas come through listening and being open to learn how others have been successful at accomplishing a certain task or objective.

Other times you need to employ a team of individuals to leverage their time and efforts. You certainly want to be receptive to the ideas of the members of your team. Two heads are better than one is an old and popular saying. This saying certainly was true than and it is true now.

You need to be seeking the best methods out there to achieve. Certainly by listening and remaining open you will put yourself in the best position to learn and copy success.

3 qualities that can make you a super achiever

Finally, persistence is essential to any super achiever. The ability to fight past adversity is key. Persistence allows you to try new things and new ways to accomplish a goal. If your current plan isn’t working, dedication to persistence will certainly aid you in finding a new one. Also, by developing the habit of persistence, your mind will become accustomed to accomplishment. You will develop an iron willed determination. This is definitely an important factor in becoming a super achiever.

To sum up, persistence, dedication to vision and listening and remaining open are essential elements of becoming a super achiever. Practice these qualities and you will go far in life and in business.

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How to provide leadership to a staff

How to provide leadership to a staff

The greatest sins of a successful person 

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person.  This is a guest post by author Melisa Marzett. There is a huge difference between a leader and a boss. The boss is a person who is intends to control you. Unlike the boss, the leader wants to teach you, to give you a hand if you faced certain difficulties. As a rule, such a person is a live example for all the employees. However, a huge amount of work must be done to reach this height. This essay is intended to help entrepreneurs and businessmen to find a direction to develop leadership qualities, improve communication with a staff and acquire basic qualities of a good businessman.

  • All the demons are hidden inside and one of them is our inability to pull ourselves together and start working. This is a common “sin” of any person and due to its influence, one can’t succeed. There is only one common feature in the biographies of all the famous people, they worked and worked hard to achieve what they currently have. Having chosen a direction (it can be custom writing, business, marketing, web design etc.) build up a plan for further development. What you should do, learn or master to get the desired job or to earn the necessary amount of money to start your own business.

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • The time is your closest friend and the most dangerous enemy. People usually say:” I wish I had more time” and it is not surprising since they’re just unable to control it. Our memory is a complex system but unfortunately, it sometimes fails us. As a result, you might be late for an important meeting, forget your tasks on the issue of the day etc. There is a small but nevertheless simple solution to this problem. As far as you might have guessed. It is a schedule of the day. This one should include all your objectives and goals for today with all the information necessary not to be late such as time of the meeting, specific details and so on.
How to provide leadership to a staff
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How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • In the previous part of this essay, it was mentioned that a single direction should be selected. This approach also demands a deep research. Obviously, the internet is filled with books on the topics that might be interesting and useful for you and your future or current work. There is no need to take for granted every word. Even if only five pages are related to your direction, this book is worth reading.
  • It is impossible to talk about success without mentioning our mindset. If you predetermined your defeat, it will happen since one will be convinced of doing nothing because a goal seems unobtainable. This is a huge mistake because according to my experience most of the people failed due to this negative attitude. That’s why it is crucial to keep a positive state of mind and trying to reach a goal by any means.
  • Forget about multitasking, it only decreases your effectiveness. Due to this so-called method, you can’t be focused on a single task. You probably heard an expression: “Jack is a master of everything, but a master of nothing”. It is a reasonable statement since our brain is not capable of receiving information from various sources simultaneously.

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • Evaluate the work done and make a gap analysis. This is a winning strategy for any businessman to realize your mistakes and try to eliminate them. There are no flawless people, that’s why each of us should do our best to become smarter, more skillful and laborious.
  • The last but not the least recommendation is get proper rest. There is no need to be die because of exhaustion. The body and the mind should have a proper rest to function on a sufficient level.

It is rather difficult to be a true mentor since each of us in on the stage of continuous growing but there are a couple of corporate tricks to create a warmer atmosphere among your colleagues.

How to provide leadership to a staff. The greatest sins of a successful person 

  • Every employee can have a couple of interesting ideas that may be helpful. Conduct interrogations or brainstorm sessions to share fresh ideas for a proper reward.
  • The personal space is extremely necessary for the convenience of all the workers. That’s why any leader should do his or her best to provide it.
  • The fear is not equal to respect. Threatening is not a good approach to have good relationships between you and employees. Do not try to control or follow step-by-step since any person is most likely to be irritated by such actions and rapidly quit.
  • Any decision should be carefully discussed with all the subordinates and all the opinions should be carefully considered.
  • Pointless assignments only exacerbate an authority and also more important tasks will be disregarded or be considered meaningless as well. This is a widespread mistake of all new businessmen since most of them are convinced that they subordinates don’t work.

These are the key components that you can use to provide leadership to your staff.

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About the author:  Melisa Marzett is an expert in the field of marketing and business. Sometimes she shared her experience with newcomers so they could avoid all the common mistakes of the future dictator. She also writes on a great variety of topics but these ones are the most favorite ones. Melisa works as a freelance writer on Big Paper Writer to apply her knowledge as well. It might be helpful for those who are in need of professional writing service.

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life. Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success was a big believer and proponent of the idea that a person cannot be successful without accomplishing his/her definite chief aim in life.

This requires that first of all, you decide what that chief purpose or aim is. Napoleon Hill asserts in the Law of Success that the course is “intended as a mind stimulant that will cause the student to organize and direct to a DEFINITE end the forces of his or her mind, thus harnessing the stupendous power which most people waste in spasmodic, purposeless thought.” Law of Success p. 5.

In other words, the creation of a definite chief aim in life will prevent a person from wandering aimlessly through life. This wandering without a purpose is like a ship that has no one steering. This ship will never make it out of the harbor.

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life

The most important concept contained in the definite chief aim is the word definite. As Hill points out “ninety five percent of the people of the world are drifting aimlessly through life, without the slightest conception of the work for which they are best fitted.”

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life

There is a psychological purpose for developing and holding your thought on a definite chief aim. That reason is any chief aim that stays fixed in the mind and held there influences the physical action of the body. In other words, you will achieve the thoughts which dominate your mind. You will begin to take action on your definite chief aim because you will give it constant thought.

To formulate your definite chief aim, you have to select it with care. Then it should be written down. I am always an advocate of writing things down. A person is fifty per cent more likely to accomplish goals that are written down. The same goes for your definite chief aim. When you have written it down, it is important that you review it daily so that it will become engrained in your mind. So that every fabric of your being is aware of what it is that you are trying to accomplish During the waking hours your entire body will collaborate in reaching this definite chief aim.

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life

Hill calls the constant review of your definite chief aim auto suggestion. Auto suggestion is the method by which you implant into your subconscious positive thoughts. Thoughts that will then get the universe involved in brining you what it is that you want to accomplish.

Hill couples the actions you take to achieve your definite chief aim with persistence. Persistence will ensure that you reach your goal. One method of formulating your chief aim is to decide what it is that you can do better than anyone else. As Hill says “search until you find out what this particular line of endeavor is, make it the object of your definite chief aim.” Hill then states that you should ” organize all your forces and attack it with the belief that you are going to win.”

When you decide on your definite chief aim, you will constantly be on the alert for facts, information and knowledge with which to achieve that purpose. In other words, you have to seek out information. Do research on the accomplishment of your purpose. Interview people who have been successful in accomplishing similar goals or objects. Finally, you have to formulate plans and put those plans into action.

How to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life

If your plans do not work out the first time, you have to be persistent and learn from your failures. You will soon gain the experience that will propel you to where you need to be to accomplish your definite chief aim. It will be like a domino affect because obstacles will begin to fall out of your way. By formulating a definite chief aim in life, your life will have a purpose and you will know what roadmap that you need to get there. This is how to Achieve your Definite Chief Aim in Life.

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How to Engage Employees in 2018

How to Engage Employees in 2018

How to Engage Employees in 2018. As more companies focus on improving employee engagement, exciting ideas are popping up all over the workplace. By treating staff as people and teammates dedicated to simultaneously developing work and personal goals, corporate leaders are finding new and intriguing avenues to explore. These open the door for an improvement in employee productivity and engagement regardless of industry.

Coming into 2018, here are four trending ways to step outside the box and focus more on employee learning and development through updated engagement strategies.

Career Planning and Goals

As we delve deeper into the ways employee engagement works, we learn more about how employees find satisfaction. Lack of advancement is the number one reason employees leave. For early and mid-career workers in particular, the future matters.

Finding a path to growth, with company help and encouragement, connects staff commitment to the future of the enterprise. Employees who don’t feel their career goals matter simply leave, taking their skills, knowledge, and talent elsewhere.

Offering opportunities for advancement can take a variety of forms, from mentoring to financial support for skills development. Offering a list of things a self-motivated employee can do is not enough, however. Companies must actively solicit ideas from their individual staff members and make recommendations as well. Employee satisfaction and retention rise when staff feels like the company cares about their role in the success of the company

Older Employees Offer Value

For late-career workers, recognition of existing skills and expertise inspires company loyalty.  A level of accomplishment in young staffers is provided by work experience. Training cannot accomplish this. In general, older workers have higher retention rates among companies that value their experience and incorporate them into their training programs and culture.

Expand Work/Life Balance Options

Work/life balance has been a major component of employee engagement for some time now. The programs work at helping people integrate their personal and professional lives. It helps in ways that recognize they have value to the company as workers and as people.

A rising trend in for work-life balance is the concept of unlimited paid time off. At first glance, the idea seems to be asking for trouble, with fears of employees abusing the policy or not getting work done. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.

Employees are focused on getting their work done. They are not focused on the hours they put in.  Also,the freedom to schedule appointments, participate in family activities that occur during traditional work hours, or simply take a mental health break creates a bond of trust between employers and employees. Respect employees for their decisions. As a result, they will take less time off.

Further, unlimited paid time off does not mean unmonitored or uncontrolled schedules. Companies are implementing policies that provide reasonable guidelines for both sides to adhere to. With the right policies in place, companies can have another tool in their arsenal for employee engagement, job satisfaction, and company loyalty.

Connect With Staff Members

Employee engagement strategies often make note of connecting with employees on an individual level. Similarly, understanding staff needs is a crucial part of engagement, but the strategy should not stop at the workplace. Studies show that leaders that get to know and understand their employees on a personal level, not just professionally, improve productivity.

Developing management soft skills creates a circle of engagement between managers and staffers. Communication must work in all directions for it to be effective. Managers can be trained to improve these skills.

When leadership takes seriously the impact an employee’s outside life has on job performance, they can improve engagement. They can also establish trust.  For the hard work to be effective, the manager/employee equation must encourage the process  on both sides.

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Our guest post this week is by guest author:

freelance editor Rae Steinbach
Rae is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing, of course.
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I am affirmations for success

I am affirmations for success

I am affirmations for success.  Affirmations are powerful tools that you can use to transform your mind and thoughts for success. An affirmation is a powerful statement that you either repeat out loud or to yourself. The statement is a positive one. When its repeated by you, it will train your mind to think in a certain way. This way of thinking begins to place your mind in the habit of repeating this thought; even when you are not consciously thinking of it.

If you read our previous post How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction it proves that what you constantly think about, physically transforms your brain to generate more of those thoughts. If you are a student of the Law of Attraction, then you are aware that thoughts are things. You are also aware that your subconscious mind has the ability to cause the universe to bring to you exactly what you want.

I am affirmations for success
Photo by Rares Peicu on Unsplash

I am affirmations for success

The I Am principle is credited to Saint Germain.  This ascended master is responsible for at least three books regarding the topic of I Am as a powerful affirmation. I AM are considered by some to be two of the most powerful words in the universe.  It not only builds your self confidence, but it changes the self talk in your mind to reflect an image of your superman or woman self. These words get the universe to began to take action and transform you into the person that is portrayed in the affirmation.

We are always advocates for writing your own affirmations. However, you can Google the topic.  You will find many affirmations that you can use to began to take advantage of the power of I AM.

Examples of Affirmations that you can use are as follows:

  • I AM powerful
  • I AM successful
  • I AM the kind of person that consistently achieves success in my business

You can see that by repeating these affirmation daily, you self esteem and belief in yourself will began to grow. The confidence that you are able to build up from this practice will begin to manifest in your daily life. Your actions will be more confident and your results will be increasingly profitable in your business and personal life.

We all know that what we believe, affects our actions. As our self talk becomes more positive and self enriching we will be more effective in our execution. These affirmations will add clarity to your thought and you will begin to act without hesitation.

Further, there are many great articles that can assist you with more information about the I AM principle.  10 I AM affirmations for  business success.  I AM affirmations unstoppable courage and inner  power.


What is Facebook Watch?

What is Facebook Watch?

What is Facebook Watch? Facebook Watch is the new service rolled out by Facebook. Its launch was August 9, 2017. Facebook Watch is a video on demand service. Facebook makes personalized recommendations for videos to watch. You can access the site HERE.

The site looks like a Facebook fan page. Videos are highlighted at the  top that the user can scroll through. There is a variety of different shows. These shows include “Ball and the Family” a reality show and an episode from the “Late Show with James Cordon.”

Next, are the recommended videos in different sections. The sections include Continue Watching which is a collection of videos that you have saved. Winter Games 2018 which of course, is content featuring the Olympics, In Your Watch list features video content that you have expressed an interest in. There is even a section letting you know what your friends are watching. Accordingly, there are several other sections that include different videos of interest.

What is Facebook Watch?

On the left there is a regular Facebook menu that includes everything from a watch list, saved videos and suggested shows. You can also search for specific video content.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is now available on FB apps, desktop sites and the TV app. It allows Facebook users to subscribe to their favorite video content instead of just haphazardly seeing videos as they scroll along on their news feed.

The content includes live and recorded episodes and those with a theme or story line. The format will include engaging shows, shows that are of community interest, live shows and themed events. See this article about Facebook’s video platform equivalent to YouTube.

Facebook is also working on a deal that would allow user generated videos to remain view able when they contain music that is not the property of the person generating the video. Currently, videos are being removed for copyright infringement .

All of these changes will make Facebook more of a force in the video world. Facebook will top YouTube as the number one video platform. If Facebook is going to challenge Netflix and cable tv, it will have to begin to produce original content. Facebook Watch currently features mainly reality shows.

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